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Idiyappam, Murukku & Churros Maker - Price Ex VAT

  • £65.00

Naveeno 95 is a multi-functional kitchen appliance. Idiyappam, three different types of Murukku, and Omappodi can be made with this appliance.Naveeno 95 is 100% electricity free. It convenient and ultimately easy to operate. Naveeno 95 has following features:

Sensational Idiyappam With Naveeno 95

Exceptionally softer Idiyappam - Naveeno 95 Idiyappam Maker’s mechanical system ensures the right pressure, right amount of flour mix and fine size of strings for a softest Idiyappam.  

Consistency- Self-rotating tray and its relative motion to the applied pressure makes every Idiyappam to be same as the other.  

Easier and Quicker - Naveeno 95’s 1:50 force reduction system makes everything much easier and quicker.  

Less time and more quantity - Naveeno 95 can make 10 Idiyappams at a single barrel load. This saves enormous amount of time and gives more quantity within few minutes.

Suitable to Modern Kitchen and Available In Multi Colors

What you use reflects your taste. Naveeno 95’s elegant design greatly matches your modern lifestyle kitchen. Naveeno 95 is available in varieties of colors to represent your taste.

Eco Friendly

Social responsibility is one of our priorities. Going green in every step of our life have become inevitable in the context of saving our planet. Naveeno 95 is designed to use ‘NO’ electricity.


Special Features Package Contents Packaging Details
1:50 Force reduction Idiyappam Maker – 1 Product size: 352 H x 252 L x 150 W (mm)
Firm Mounting Barrel with Cap – 1 Package size: 440 H x 330 L x 200 W (mm)
Self-rotating Piston with shaft – 1 Product net weight: 2.6kg
8-10 Idiyappam at a time Handle – 1 Product gross weight: 3.85kg
One Hand Operation Extrusion Disc - 5 .
Long Life Time Tray -12 .
Easy Cleaning Knife shape stick – 1 .
Suitable to modern kitchen Rotating base -1 .
Worldwide warranty – 1 year User manual -1 .
100% eco friendly .

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